Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter’s Angel

Posted by T.S.Garp

She was part of the Divine Plan as was Man
As she watched the sky turn an opal color‭ 

A wintry gray-white shroud expanding for miles
Gliding down to observe this sacred happening

She smiled sweetly watching the radiant’s of the sun
Cascading sunbeams escaping behind the clouds‭ 

Shining onto small spheres falling in scattered clutters‭  
Sailing down on the wisp of the slightest breeze‭ 

Tiny crystalline cotton balls of holy water droplets
Changing colors as the light passed through them

Floating majestically to bathe the landscape in white‭ 
Winter’s angel,‭ ‬rejoiced with the people at the sight

Closing her eyes,‭ ‬giving a silent blessing through the mist‭ 
The fair angel of winter sighed at the joy of all of this

She evoked love to every living thing below
Let this continue,‭ ‬until next spring after the snow‭ 

- Excerpt from T.S.Garp’s Voices of Angels.