Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Self-Motivation Fundamentals (Part Two)

Posted by T.S.Garp

Understanding how self motivation can help you succeed in all your endeavors and help you follow through with completing your ideas and goals that you have set to accomplish in your life.

Throughout our entire lives we are motivated by everyone around us. When we are young, we are motivated by our parents and teachers. We learn about words of wisdom and applied knowledge to help give us a solid platform to work on and grow with our own experience in life. We begin to learn about ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, and discover our own abilities. As we get older, we begin to admire and respect certain people that have made an impact in our lives. For some this could easily be your parents, teachers, mentors, and then the shift will focus on highly profiled individuals such as famous celebrities, religious figures, certain government elected officials, and successful entrepreneurs.

Having the ability to motivate yourself when others around you do not is crucial for your own success to continue. These moments of doubt, despair, and lack of faith can strike any moment and at any time. There are many naysayer’s out there, and jealous individuals, who will try to stomp on your parade, and your own success. Look at these encounters, as small steppingstones and obstacles, and ignore them, and push aside their sad commentary as you go boldly forward to the goals that you have set for yourself in life. They are not on the same path that you are traveling on and they are not your friends. Friends on the other hand are great allies, eagerly pointing out your skills, achievements, and praise you when you’ve done well.

The best way to motivate oneself is to discover your skills and abilities. What are your interests and what are your likes and dislikes? You can easily assess your own characteristics of personality and discover what type of person you are. It is true that certain people are born with a splash of character, but most people know and agree that character comes from gained knowledge, time-tested experience, and observation which lead to an amount of insurmountable wisdom, mixed with your own personal characteristic traits about how you view life and your place in it. Your personality alone can greatly determine how successful you are going to be in motivating yourself.

Discovering what your interests are, experience, long-term goals, and understanding the key strengths of your personality can help motivate you even in the darkest of times. Self-motivation is what keeps us going and is a must-have tool for entrepreneurs who want to be successful, organized, savvy, and strive for excellence. Determining your skills, strengths, room for improvements, and really tapping into your creative side can greatly fuel your motivation level, and guide you to the optimum platform to release your ideas and sets all your goals in motion.

The road to self-motivation starts with you and keeps you on your desired path to reach your final destination, which is the creation of your goal, dream job, artistic endeavor, finishing that novel, building that house, saving and investing your hard earned cash, tuition for college, helping the needy, the poor and the sick, imparting wisdom and knowledge to others, to reaching as far as the moon, anything is possible, and most importantly to yourself and your own entrepreneurship of life in general. Having self-motivation is very much like having faith in your own abilities to see your creation fully accomplished. It is said that motivation and faith can create a paradise where there was once a desert, and that is surprisingly true. Self-motivation is a push that keeps you focused and faithful to your desired goal.

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