Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Chill (Part One)

Posted by T.S.Garp

A poem about when you want a change to happen, waiting for it, and you consciously surround yourself with other people to help expedite it.

I’m waiting for the sun.

Waiting for the moon to come.


Waiting to feel alive.

Waiting for you, but I’m not surprised.


The whole message is clear.

Like a hundred thousand tears.


Sitting here waiting for the change to come.

Tumbling down a dream hole and burning into the sun.


Time waits for no one, and I’m crying.

Can’t waste another moment, can’t stop trying.


With my determination, I will see it true.

No more contemplation, I will make the right move.


With these hands I will make the journey.

Gather what I need and out the door in a hurry.

T.S.Garp © Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

Great poem,full of hope! I love it & the photo really nice. Thanks for nice share, take care always & God bless us all.