Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome Summer

Posted by T.S.Garp

Summer is finally here! Time to hit the beach, grab those flip flops, tan, and enjoy the scenery. Dawn begins early and invites us all to start an active day filled with interesting journeys. I just completed the “final edits” of another manuscript about a week ago (on my list of many) and I’m certainly in the mood for a celebration! Looking forward this summer filled with barbecues, music, family, friends, and fun. Be sure to catch all the great summer movies coming out too! I’m going to be busy in July to complete more projects in the works. Life is good! Keep writing and doing what you love to do. Now on to the next adventure!
Life is the flower for which love is the honey - Victor Hugo * Just as loving spring comes so does summer’s brightness to bath us in sunshine’s sweet light of life - T.S.Garp


Anonymous said...

Hey :-) Welcome summer. Thanks for nice share. Take care!