Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Unveiling My New Book Covers

Posted by T.S.Garp

Able to leave a short Jabberwocky rant. Very busy writing and editing these days. Everything is a work in progress and coming along nicely. Many new things are on the horizon and coming soon! A natural progression for a perfectionist like myself. Have recently unveiled my new designs for my book covers. Amazing improvement overall, I must say, much better looking and better marketing tools being utilized. A never-ending process, but well worth it. My new book is coming soon, a non-poetry book. I'm not giving away any details as yet, it is a surprise after all! The new book is based on a fascinating and popular subject, long over due (being edited and perfected). Another completely different book/manuscript is waiting for my much needed attention with further expansion and editing. A rather personal book with mind-alternating concepts and ideas that friends might find interesting. Right now I am heavy into designing new sites and in the re-editing stages of my other manuscripts, trying to entice a good literary agent and/or a good old fashion book publishing company than do a self publishing route. Both options are on the table. Hopefully, many of my new manuscripts will be worthy of representation from a literary agent. Keeping my fingers crossed. Time will tell and I’ll post the outcome. Keep writing and keep dreaming everyone! Verba volant, scripta manent (words fly away, writings remain), carpe diem (seize the day) and carpe noctem (seize the night) - T.S.Garp I am so happy that the books are getting exposure and are now is being marketed in major book stores and in Europe too. The New Book Covers facelift look remarkably better. All my books have been re-edited and expanded recently. Feel free to put in a good word for me or leave a positive rating on any online store you happen to see my books on. Kindle versions are just around the corner, checking on the multiple options there. I am working hard to complete my other non-poetry books that are coming soon! I am blessed to have the opportunity to write and help people through my writing with personal insight, creativity, and information. Thanks to everyone who believes in me. Here are some links to Barnes and Noble and other stores that are selling my books: Barnes & Noble Loves Sages on Amazon Voices of Angels Serenity's Dream Abe Books Powells Books Book A Million


T.S.Garp said...

I really love the new cover art for the first two books and I still like the "Love Sages" book cover as is. I will keep that cover the same for now - T.S.Garp

Anonymous said...

Hii :-) It's really great news! I'm so very happy for you! Everything in your life happens as it should be, go straight & keep it that way, no doubt like what I always said, you're really great Poet & Writer. Wish you a lot of Good luck! And I'll keep my fingers crossed too. Love the new book cover like I still love too 'Love Sages' cover. Always take care!