Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Know Your Writer’s Market

Posted by T.S.Garp

On the never-ending trek to sell my books its always best to start updating your Writer‘s Market info. What writers out there need to keep focus on: If you have other manuscripts/books that need publication be sure check out the most current list of literary agencies and publication houses. If you already have a book recently published than start developing a powerful word of mouth plan like with a popular social network, create a fan base, search out and discovery more tools to help you with that. Build yourself an author’s website to showcase your books, translating into creating an effective social media strategy, securing more media interviews from clubs, books shops, radio, Internet, Youtube, social writing networks, and utilizing Amazon’s free tools.
The Writer's Market has a lot of new updated books specializing in poetry, songwriting, literary agents, novels, short stories, children's writing, illustration, photography, and design. You can find publishing opportunities in writing by purchasing the Writer's Market, which has thousands of listings for book publishers, magazines, and contests. You can browse their books about writing & design, and gain insider information about the industry.