Sunday, November 13, 2011

Feeling Like You Missed The Boat On Becoming A Novelist?

Posted by T.S.Garp

Someone asked is it too late to become a novelist? Its never too late, anytime is a good time to become a writer. Yes, the market is changing to more e-books, but books can never die in popularity. Before the age of books, stories and information were passed on by oral tradition. Stony tablets and than paper manuscripts came into existence and a good book can last hundreds, if not thousands of years, and still hold up with rich and valuable information. Our computer age has only made it easier and faster to publish books and general information. There will always be a need for good writers, and books have a very long shelf life and can't breakdown so easily nor be deleted unexpectedly. A good tip is: plan to write your book or novel using both methods for publication. Learn from other writers, read as much as you can, take a writing workshop, join a community of new writers and start writing today! Good luck!- T.S.Garp


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