Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Into This World

Posted by T.S.Garp

The eternal story of immortal lovers created to love one another through time.

I came into this world

My mind wasn’t clear; I was lost in a cosmic swirl

I didn’t know where I was except I needed to find love

Home was miles and miles away above.

Colors of green and red

The landscape was so far ahead

The sounds of nature filled my head

And I knew the answers were waiting for me instead

I traveled under the tallest trees

Sunbeams danced and gleamed

I walked for many miles it seems

I found my image flowing in a stream

I didn’t know where I was at this moment in time

The smell of flowers filled the air and began to shine

I’ve seen so many new things, so sudden like a dream

I followed the windy path of golden rings

I came to this place decorated with style and taste

I found a town full of people, wishing and singing

I saw her there, a Lilith, pretty and mild, moving with such grace

I heard their dreams coming from their words left lingering

She came over to me and took my waiting hands

Her eyes were dark pools, but sparkled like glimmering crystals of sand

To the Valley of the Ages we departed this crowd

She led me across the hills and darkening clouds

She came into this world for me

She said she had been waiting to see

She pressed her body close to mine and I could never be sad

She brushed away tears of joy and was glad

She had the power to hold me tantalized

I smile at the truth of this divine and realized

This was meant to be, don’t you see

I fell from the sky and so did she!

She keeps me close, forever, our love would never die

For immortals never grow old, never grow tired, and we never lie

The world of Man return to the sea, nothing was left but an ocean of lost dreams

The world came back, from tumble and fall, eons ago, it was created from hope, after all

T.S.Garp © Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.


Beautiful. I ended up going to your other blog. Now I am in the right place. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Extreme well done, very great! Your a very great Poet & Writer! I really enjoy reading all of your poems & articles.