Thursday, August 19, 2010

Catching The Morning Spring Sunshine

Posted by T.S.Garp

The dawning of a new day is a celebration and not to be wasted.

When time stands still

You awaken you will

You suddenly see how the dawn makes you say

The morning comes and you see how you are made, taking your soul away

Catching the morning spring sunshine

Making you feel so alive!

Catching the morning spring sunshine

Watching the life go by

Rainbow colors jet across the sky

Majestic bees humming by

Birds sing and soar high under the warm sun

Nature's dream of life making you want to run

Keep catching the morning spring sunshine and never hesitate

So when the dawn comes to you don't wait

Summer will come so soon, so embrace the sunshine

All your dreams will come true manifesting in time

Catching the morning spring sunshine and feel alive

Catching those fantastic dreams of mine

Keeps me flowing in the light, keeps me bright

Keeps my sails blowing high, keeps me alive!


Nita said...

This is really nice! sorry I've been so tardy in visiting here, but good to catch up finally! Hope you're doing well. Miss your writing on AC! best!

Anonymous said...

A really great poem! I really enjoy reading all of your Poems & Artcles, i love it.