Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Artist

Posted by T.S.Garp

Inspiration by Edgar Allan Poe whose work was unappreciated when it was told so long ago.

Begins blank without a blotch

An idea comes from beholder with stretch cloth

Set in motion with great devotion

Taking care of thy creation with subtle emotion

Swirls tumble and fall

Colors mix and blend into all

Bright, dazzling, and dark

Lighthearted displays done for a lark

Artist push feather delicate and strong

Lays down dream of ethereal picture like a mystical song

With hundreds of strokes carefully orchestrated to desire

Capture images of joy and lament to set thy soul afire

Great rhapsody from admirers who stare in awe wonderment

Giving humble reverence of praise in deserving complement

Communicating and invoking tantalizing

Rejuvenating and mesmerizing

Precious is thee that arrange pigment and paint

Gifted young artists examination of spirits and saints

Beautiful compositions, complicated, and complete

Feed our hearts with motivation, memorabilia, and melancholy is quite a feat

T.S.Garp © Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

Great job in every piece!