Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jet Back

Posted by T.S.Garp

A traveling homesick poem inspired by the Beatles, Steve Miller, and Paul Pena.

Came back from England town
I was flying all over so far I didn’t know if I would ever be found

From Singapore, Budapest, all the way to Rome

I was gone so long, I was missing home
On that big jet plane to some distant shore
I jumped in before, like so many more
Man, I got to get out of this place, and find my favorite restaurant
with some taste
Grab my suitcase-ticket and let’s make haste

The different countries were really nice, full of smiles and cheers
A beautiful place to visit, hate to leave, there were so many tears
Just show me around girl, with your pretty dimples
Take my hand to the highest peak and stony temples

I took a trip
I took a ride
I took a sip, and to my surprise!
All the wonderful memories flooded my head, had me mesmerized!

I took a plane
I took a train
And ended up in Spain!
Come take me away before I go insane!

Across the waters over hundreds of miles
I’ve seen enough to last me a while
Give me jet back
Drop me home and let me unpack

I’m happy in my mind
The past few weeks are all left behind
I just want to shout
No, don’t take me out

I had a wonderful time, seeing all the new faces
I dream of them and all the exotic places
Time to hit the sack
I’m lucky to be back