Friday, April 30, 2010

In The Twilight of Love

Posted by T.S.Garp

When lovers meet for the first time in their lives and realize that destiny has other plans. “Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.“
-John Lennon

I was making my journey under a thousand points of light.

I ran into the tallest building, up I went in the glass booth,

thankful I wasn’t fearful of heights. Up, up, up, I went and

the doors opened and I could sense.

A premonition you see and I knew subconsciously that

something was in store for me.

She was standing there, working with care.

An angel working overtime in the summer’s night air.

An aura of beauty surrounded this delicate flower,

and our eyes met, locked into passionate power.

But this was in a dream long ago, I remembered.

A time that should have lasted forever…….

Like it was another life, reincarnation over night.

( I had seen this before, but it was locked away,

 in infinity behind closed doors.)

But she slipped away, lost in the crowd, as if to say,

O my love what can we do anyhow?

This had to be a dream you see, neither here nor there,

I was walking about in a make-believe scene,

made of the past and future it seems.

A fantasy world of a different kind, amazing and real,

with the power to stop time.

This is where I met her, clad in green and yellow,

 and body light as a feather.

Standing like a princess, posed , and fixed…..

Ready to offer any passerby a kind word or needed

assistance with no tricks

She was frail and slender, smiled easily, kind and

tender, and spoke softly like wine and song to an

eager listener.

Her dark eyes held me spellbound and my mind

was spinning all around.

I approached her and noticed her golden ear rings,

long circular, and shimmering.

My piercing gazed passed over her form and I noticed

again that she was fully adorn, with jade, sapphire,

silver, and gems that rapped around her neck and

wrist perfectly matching her clever wit.

We were in a place that was busy and full of other

people in haste.

But time stood still for a moment and gave us that

 sense of grace.

Smitten, I asked where did she came from, her

movement was like dance, graceful and fun,

O where do you come from, from here or beyond the sun?

She looked at me with almond eyes full of joy and

laughter, and simply said, “Why?”

We talked some more and we realized that,

what just came before was something special,

and so much more.

She smiled sweetly, knowing it was true

That love comes, right out of the blue. This was

an eternal thing, something precious that

always remains.

But we were suddenly separated by a collision

of stars, not even the moon could guide us back

into our loving arms.

But memory struck true, like stones embracing anew.

For true love never dies,

It stands the test of time

No matter where you are

Love will strike you from afar.

Destiny may have other plans

But the love you have, will always be in God’s hands.