Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fallen Starlet

Posted by T.S.Garp

This poem is about falling and the bittersweet ending.

Your still pretty baby…….

The time was so long ago

When you were younger than now

In a place far away in the land of lights and play

You screamed out aloud!

Your still pretty baby…….

You moved to the city

You had to get out of this place

You got off the airplane and said I’m ready

You left the scene without a trace

Your still pretty baby…….

5 years ago you hit New York and LA

You let nothing stand in your way or trust!

You were gonna make the grade

You push back all their lust!

Your still pretty baby…….

You became a big star baby

Everybody wants to be you

Can you still come out and play?

What kind of tricks can you do?

Your still pretty baby…….

10 years gone and you became a singer and movie star overnight

You were at the top of the world, there was nothing you couldn’t do

But like love it soon fell out of sight

This glitter town turn it’s back on you

Your still pretty baby…….

20 years down the road and your fans have left you

Time has not been kind to you, no one is holding the door

What are you going to do, you want to leave it all behind, feeling so blue

No more golden globes on the way, time to tell the Doctor to end

the session, your feeling a bit sore

Your still pretty baby…….

But that was 30 years ago yesterday!

You find yourself in Vegas one bright sunny day!

You can hear your new fans screaming your name: Your still pretty baby…….

You have come full circle all the way!