Friday, April 9, 2010

Heritage of the Quest

Posted by T.S.Garp

The Medieval sages of Tristan McKlue.

Tristan McKlue: This is how it starts, I hope you like this part!

When I was young, I had the power to dream, that I could do anything that no one had ever seen. I knew the land, the air, the waters, held no fear for me. I never asked how it was sent, they were my friends. I played with nature and never asked what it all meant. For I had insight, hope, fear, joy, longing…. The ever-present wanting. I was alone there most of the time, keeping people back behind the line. Time past, I grew, became aware, saw the power of other people so happy without despair. I learned, I read, listened to the wisdom the ages had to spare. Inspired, I live again, giving my best in hopes that the world around me can past the test. Alone I must, but not forever, for such a journey is better when your together with the right woman…so ever!

Tristan McKlue: (This is part two) Greetings dear reader or whomever reads my log book. I leave for the quest, let no dragon or peril slow me to rest. I shall take a fair maiden who will accompany me through tranquility, and together we will seek a land to our prosperity.

The stranger rode into town, people there called it Vansella, an oasis surrounded by rugged mountain ranges, and dense forest. Not many travelers come this way, any that do are soon on their way….again. The outsider sparked new curiosity, every human eye seem to be upon him, I should know, they were looking at me, Tristan, the explorer and apparent oddity. I informed the local gentry that I was of good standing, and our conversation was amiable. I expressed I needed a strong young woman as a wife and partner in my exploration of wonder.

The journey will be an adventure, in our memories and hearts, and ring in our mind years later like thunder. Who would join me? A former knight of the War of Druids, a trader of skins and common goods, a traveler searching for a proper home after the quest is done.

Tristan McKlue: Good morning to you! I am impressed with this place, Vansella. I appreciate the care and kindness the people have given me, but now I must leave. After settling down for a day and a half, rested, fed, washed, traded, gold in my pocket, supplies bought. The Elders escorted me to the center of town, where groups of families gathered, and pushed in the front, were girls of age sixteen to twenty. They were diverse, from near peasant girl to craftsman’s daughter, they were blonde and brunette and smelled of a sweet scent, and some had on flowers. Oval pretty eyes watched me, some were very dark, while others had blue, and I didn’t know what to do. The were well proportioned, happy, giggling young nymphs, and they were all waiting for my approval or hint. I didn’t expect any dowries, such as land, rent, loose furniture from these women, however so, the families were most anxious to find husbands for their available daughters. I approached them preparing a speech that would either encourage them or sway them. When done I will wait yonder.

Tristan McKlue: The months have past, and I am at last, a happy man on the right path. The land to the North we made carefully, encountered castles, kingdoms, even sat by fire and converse with wizards who warned of demons. But magic was on our side, for Virginia was my bride! In retrospect, I remember the day that faith presented me her good company. In Vansella, I had requested an interview with four, separately I walked with each, and we talked some more. Almost in an instant, their silent souls spoke to me, and I knew which one it had to be!

Virginia was her name. Her hair is blonde, her eyes soft, the others were pleasant enough but they lack that, how should I say, that certain stuff. The genuine brilliance she had was all powerful. Nature yielded to her in such a way, to send flowers floating in the air from a cool breeze on a bright sunny day. When I became direct, her answers were correct.
Thus, Virginia dashed off….. To buy a new dress. Why? For the long venturous trek, of course. She is delightfully mysterious, a free spirit, a woman of heart, a true lover of art.

Virginia McKlue: Dear reader, hello, how are you this find day? This is my turn, I have something to say. My husband has all the fun, writing down in his weather-beaten log book, from winter to summer, keeping a record account of our interesting travels. He writes in poem-script, and I love him for it. I want to, too. Though I am hesitant to convey my whole history, my man, this darling man next to me, may blush openly, at my kinds of thoughts. I will write it out secretly….. Day by day, we shall say. But he knows me already. You dear reader, have not heard from me before. So we begin as friends in written form.

About Tristan, we go through unknown realms listening to the songs of our lives. We are one, he and I, we share many things and do not lie. The gods call this bounding of a spiritual kind, indeed, they say it’s older than time. I am glad he found me, he came on request, I am proud to be part of the heritage of the quest!