Friday, April 9, 2010


Posted by T.S.Garp

A fallen star is actually a pretty angel coming to answer a man’s lonely heart.

In the vision of my view, I can’t see you.

It is a wonderful night for angels to sing.

But I can’t see you there, dancing in the moonlight, shimmering with your

diamonds and rings.

I know she is there waiting for me.

I see the day turn to night, night into day. Year after year, the planets play.

The starry sky gleams, glowing spheres of night, indeed, the awesome

power of light.

We are like the stars, the spirits, the soul, we are forever joined in this

universe, as a whole.

From birth of the cosmic bang our searches are never in vain.

There! High up, the aurora lights dance for me at night.

In it’s quake came the colors of the rainbow, and from that magnificent

display, fell another, more powerful creation at play.

A ball of blue-white light landed near me, giving me fright.

An explosion. And…..

In the vision of my view……I saw you.