Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Creating Changes

Posted by T.S.Garp

Does the book fit the picture? Does the picture match my words? Creating a living portrait of your thoughts, ideas, places, and things yet unseen.

Nothing is ever set truly in stone my friends unless of course your building the pyramids. We must be like water, always flowing, always changing, to be formless, and become something else, and yet still remain the same. Yes, I saw the Bruce Lee story on cable and remembered his inspiring words and his great philosophy on life. He lived a lifetime in a very short time.

I have been way too busy and absent these last few months. Redesigning and transforming the blogs and web sites to come is a constant process and my goal to complete. Much like writing and art, when it flows, it flows well, and when it does not it lingers to a stall, and gets misplaced, and loses its sharpness. Constant creativity and fresh ideas, and a positive outlook will get you there. After the blog reconstruction I'll start posting more writing news and tips, and thoughts of the day.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Great inspiring post! And now I know what you really mean in, Flow like a water and never look back. Take care always! Thanks for great post& happy weekend!