Friday, February 17, 2012

With Words That come, Poet's Poetry

Posted by T.S.Garp

What words come forth may bring a delight to a summer's gloom or add a splash of insight to a mystery that has hindered us from knowing our true nature of how things are and what God has decreed. Our thoughts strung with words we barely can understand and yet knowing that they are true and as real as the wind that touches our skin and breaths life into our wading souls seeking a clear meaning and a path of enlightenment. We are Gods creations on a soul‘s journey. We are created to understand by watching, by doing, by forgiving, by creating, and by learning the lessons that befall us, and impart the great wisdom of God's glory and loving hand. We are all poets of life. Trying to get it right. - T.S.Garp


Anonymous said...

Awesome post! I love it. Take care always & thanks for great share.