Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Bob Dylan Perspective

Posted by T.S.Garp

This poem is inspired by Bob Dylan and the turbulent 60s.

Sitting here singing a song

Trying to understand right from wrong

With eyes younger and strong

I am not waiting and pondering for very long


The times are a changing

The Man, he is rearranging

Let us not bow down

Let us not praised this clown


Leave the 60s behind

Leave all the bad signs

Rise up my friends with freedom’s love!

Take your lady’s hand and give her a white dove!


Don’t mess around with Johnny Slim!

The world is a crumbling to the sea, better learn how to swim!

Only love my friends is the answer and the way

Learn to forgive and build a bridge, to save the day


Look out folks for the future of us is going to shout!

Be proud of what you are and make them believe without a doubt!

The Lord of Legend will fix it tonight

Better make sure you help to get it right


So sing along with me

Take my hand and you will see

The coming revolution, save our Constitution, we need a better solution!

No more politicians, backward institutions, create a better resolution for you and me!

T.S.Garp © Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

Great provoking poem! I love it.

Nita said...

Very nice indeed!