Saturday, September 25, 2010

White Sands

Posted by T.S.Garp

Spending a holiday on an endless paradise island filled with white sand and plenty of sun.

When you dream of holidays

Your mind is lost in a haze

Filled with memories of play

Postcards sent from an island far away

Telling our friends with happy notifications

With words of love and celebrated descriptions

So many greeting souvenir tomes

You want to stay there and call it home

Nothing matters anymore

But the sound of the distant shore

Looking out at the deep blue sea, together

Making you feel so happy, you want stay there forever

Sitting in such a place that is mellow and fun

Bathing in the bright yellow sun

Making you want to run

You wish we could go exploring everyday

Making the days last all this way

Just walking with you and me

Across the aquamarine sea

An endless journey toward the sun

On our paradise island filled with fun

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