Thursday, July 8, 2010


Posted by T.S.Garp

When heavy passion takes over your emotions and the joy of the moment that will last a lifetime.

In the middle of the day

She whispers that she wanted to play

With gleaming dark-eyes of a fiery temptress

She pushes me down straddling me, and gently says, “I’m your princess”

Passion starts to hit the room

Our temperature start to bloom

She leans over and French kisses me out

I can’t believe my feelings of love, I want to shout

Without a second thought, she gave me her heart from above

Beautiful tasting salty-sweet, we’re talk’n ‘bout hot love……

Deep, soft, warm curves that know how to do

Skin under my finger tips, feeling so silky smooth

She bares it all for me,

Guiding my hands to reach her shoreline sea

Reason can’t explain this perfect dream

She kisses me again, and says she feels the same

Hot passion is such a rush, you want to keep playing this game

Give me your love and make it real

Hold me so tight and embrace me and feel