Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Light Years

Posted by T.S.Garp

When you take that unexpected cosmic journey across the universe!

What happen to me so suddenly?

A beam of light came down and struck me so coldly.

My head spinning so full of emotion

The last thing I remember, I was swimming in the blue ocean

I awake to fine myself alone and my confused thoughts start to roam

In a room surrounded by eyes of the unknown

Strange machines glowing oddly

Flickering lights seem to be humming loudly


Voices inside my head tell me to relax

We are taking you away for a special task

They say, this how it’s done

Just sit back, and enjoy the fun


I take it in slowly………

Notifying me I’m 100,000 light years from Earth, and not to worry

Majestic stars are left behind blazing

Set sailing across the cosmos to another world, felt so tantalizing-amazing

Warm thoughts say it’s ok

Don’t be frighten and try to run away

They are sending me to a new home

So I no longer will feel alone


I step onto the purple sand,

and grab some in my hand

It’s a red ocean glowing in the dark

Bright twirling rainbows dancing in every part


A wondrous world so beautiful for me

100,000 light years beyond any dream

Met new creatures made of energy-light, they say don’t be sad, it’s alright, your home!

Glowing spheres assured me no fright, welcoming me to this new place to call my own!