Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Waiting

Posted by T.S.Garp

When you found your lost love and can’t see them or when your still waiting for them to appear and unlock your loving heart.

Give me more insight.

Help me Oh Lord to get it right.

Break these walls so white,

Holding me in so tight.

Let the words spread out so I can see.

The world out side my window so airy and free.

And I see the world you’ve made for me.

Created long ago millions of years from the oceans and deep blue seas.

Casting light from shadows that hindered.

Beckoning angels sing a song so tender.

A New Day begins for me.

Let the sunshine in and let me see. (oh, please!)

Life so beautiful it’s hard to conceive.

But even I know that dreams come to trees.

Don’t let the rain bring me down.

Lost in waiting only brings me a frown.

I look around hoping for a miracle of love.

To set me free from this dreary clouds above.

To be in those shoes so loving and sweet.

A life so bright after we meet.

I can’t find my one.

You are the reason I’ve been here so long.

And I’m waiting around in town, but you I can’t see.

I see everyone is with the one they want, and not one for me.

So I wait for my own, to come unlock this door to my heart.

You’ve got the key so let it be, and set me free. Make a start.