Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Renaissance Affair

Posted by T.S.Garp

Long ago under the skies of old, lovers speak about loving each other forever more.

My view of you

A happy world made just for two

So open up your heart

And make the start

Let the rain of hope and desire

Fill your soul with fire!

Balance it true

And all that is due will come back to you!

Let love guide you to that special place

See it there in space, an image of flowers and a wedding cake

A vision of trees, grass, magnificent towers made of glass

A time of immortal

A past beyond our tomorrow

We kiss under the sunny day

Small dragons come out to play

My princess so wonderful

My eyes behold and excitement hysterical

The castle looms ahead

And our love is eternal outlasting the dead

No matter what the time-clock said

Don’t let the hourglass affect your head

We’ll go on past this eclectic life’s song

And we’ll see the light of the new dawn

The endless walls of time will not hold us tight!

Nothing will stop us from becoming lovers in the night!

Our love will rise again

Pushed forward by the seven winds

Making us new once more

Metamorphosing our very soul

For true lovers are never left alone

They live on and on……….

Still singing that courageous loving song


Anonymous said...

A very great & inspiring poem! Thanks for sharing, take care always & have a nice day. God bless everyone of us & keep it up.