Thursday, May 6, 2010

Faithful Searching

Posted by T.S.Garp

A poem about keeping your faith in dreams.

Someday the world will change

How will it happen? What will be it’s name?

Will it be my friend or leave me just the same?

Leaving me cold and wet and standing in the rain.

How will I know when the answer gets here?

Will I be able to recognized it by ear?

Will it have a face, a body, or just make me tears?

Should I expect it so sweet and dear?

No, I shouldn’t think like that at all

I need to be positive and resolve

I need to be standing tall

I need to keep my mind focus, not small

I remember what the good words had said

I recalled the words I read

They were clear in my mind and head

Wise words from the dead

I needed hope and inspiration

I needed direction and clarification

I wanted to know purification

I wanted a new salvation

Creation is here and now

I sit down on the ground

I can hear nature sounds

And I feel bound

They say love will find a way

No matter what time of day

There are no limits they say

And once you have it, it’s here to stay

They say open your eyes and smile

The joy will come to you in a while

Take that first step, even if it’s a mile

Think big and do it with style

It is true

Dreams happen to believers like you

Even angels appear, one or two

Giving you a hand and making new

The bright blue sky goes on and on

For heaven knows it’s an endless song

So cast away doubts and be strong

Don’t let despair send you wrong

All dreams become real, it just takes time

Keeping your faith and watching it shine

Let the wheels turn and watch the signs

For your prayers are just like mine

Then it comes to you, fast and true

The day of reckoning comes soon

All hopes and dreams are waiting for you

Just keep the faith in what you do

So faithfully we go forward in time

Searching for answers in a cluttered mind

Hold onto that dream oh friend of mine and keep dreaming

And God will help with the heavenly signs and keep you gleaming