Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Midnight Dreams

Posted by T.S.Garp

A poem inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

In the shadow of night

On a boat sailing by satellite.

I was below deck, trying to sleep

Not realizing the ship has struck a reef

The crew scrambled topside,

But I remained inside.

I heard screams in a dream

And I awake to find myself alone

Lifeboats gone, had the crew abundant me, and gone home.

The fog lifted and I could suddenly see

An island shimmering out into the sea.

The boat pushed forward by crashing waves

The surf sending the wreck deep into a cave.

I saw human bones all around

I wanted to scream but I may no sound!

I jumped, leaped, to the rocks below

I ran for my life, I was never slow

To the jungle where I saw a light

A house, a beacon in the middle of the night

I rapped on the massive doors

Hoping that someone had seen me from the sandy shore

The door opened and a pale face greeted me

She was beautiful and kind, and said she needed me

I said: I’m cold and confused

She sat me by the burning fire

And she removed her revealing attire

She kissed me and said:

“I taste the joys of life and give you freely my powers of sight.”

My ship? My crew? What have you done some kind of witches brew?

She smiled with eyes so dark and wise

Her raven hair dangling as she laughed at me insanely.

For I was doomed to be here for a thousand year on an island full of sailor’s


Capture by a Siren’s bliss……

I was forever in love by her deadly kiss.