Friday, July 26, 2013

Follow The Road Sign

Posted by T.S.Garp

Are you on that road of self-discovery? Many people in life urge to discover their true potential as do writers, artist, inventors, and musicians’ all vibe to express originality.  As you decide to branch out and make your mark, you see a signpost ahead of you. You are heading in the right direction, see which sign is compatible with your dream-goal, pick the path you need to go, and simply follow it to your destination.

The road may have bumps or curves, but keep a clear-calm mind and all you have to do is read the signs ahead of you. Despite any setbacks, try not to deviate from the path set forth before you, nothing should keep you away from your ultimate purpose. Never forget the yearning you feel if you stray too far from what you want in life. Always keep an open-mind about everything and everyone you meet. Along the journey you will find many teachers in life and hidden angels who will be instrumental in achieving your goals.

Welcome in new thoughts, ideas, let wisdom and curiosity guide you, hinder nothing, be like water and become one with the universe. There is no "end of the road" and this is not where you want to be, but it’s the journey itself that counts in this life, your final destination is to live a life worth living, you have to be inspirited, be excited, be happy, be driven, and most of all be that which you are to meant be, and never give up - T.S.Garp