Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rituals, Observations, Tales And Poems

Posted by T.S.Garp

The publication of my book entitled “Serenity‘s Dream” is now out and on display at, many ancient tales are told here and descriptions of supernatural worlds of wonder encapsulate this book. The hero‘s journey is explored here venturing forth into the realm of the unknown, experiencing all the emotions of life from the sorrows, challenges, happiness, courageousness, self-worth, and obtaining self-knowledge. Serenity’s Dream weaves an assortment of tales and poems concerning the quest and initiation into emotional places and personal insights into the legacy of humanity and the tribulations of perilous journeys undertaken by all living things residing in nature and the world that is bestowed upon them to survive, learn, appreciate, and to live in.

A very special book to me because it stretches my imagination and deepest feelings with its subtle portrait of everyday life, and reflections on the observation of happy rituals, and the sorrows of others. All are heroes on a journey, undertaking a poetic mystical adventures into unknown realms, and dealing with their noble consciousness of existence from the challenges of life. This book also contains poems never published before in print. Enjoy! - TS.Garp