Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creative Dreamers

Posted by T.S.Garp

2011 has been a busy year for me working on various dream goal projects that I have been involved in and actually along the themes that I’ve been working towards most of my life. Various projects are in the works and manifesting nicely, and others sometimes hit a bump in the road, but nevertheless are still attainable even if they take a little longer to appear, always keep your dreams going, never give up and pursued them until you reach success.

It is best to always layout all your dreams and goals that you wish to accomplish during the course of your entire life. Always dream big, but first take small steps at the obtainable goals, then secondly take bigger steps toward reasonable goals that can be accomplished in a certain amount of time, and thirdly keep dreaming the biggest dream of all of actually accomplishing all of it and more to your hearts content. Realize that these dreams are yours and you own them. You much focus on them and believe that you can make them happen.  In time you may find others who have similar dreams and goals much like your own and some will actually be kind enough to help you pursue your dreams.

Creative dreamers not only help themselves to accomplish all that they dream about, but they also help the world become more interesting by creating interesting things, experiences, knowledge, works of art, insight, and ultimately help shape the world with better ideas and concepts that were only dreamt about. Creative dreamers also encourage others to dream big and to realize that anything is possible. So focus on all your dreams, dream big, and take bold steps out of your comfort zone, and start creating your dreams that you never thought were possible before, but could actually be created if you start, and take that first step, and head in that desired direction toward those goals you always wanted.

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