Monday, April 4, 2011

Making the Dream Come Alive.

Posted by T.S.Garp

Keeping one’s dreams alive and focused is paramount in creating them to full manifestation. Isaac Newton’s third Law of Motion and in metaphysics clearly states “for every action there is equal and opposite reaction” to any kind of motion, action, intent, plan, any kind of push, force, idea, or pursuit of a dream or goal or creative endeavor. This also falls under the Law of Karma meaning “what you sow so shall you reap” analogy. These are constants in the universe.

All matter today was once energy, potential atoms floating aimlessly free, and until realized to its full potential or materialized into the physical realm, they were just ideas and images free floating, until someone decided to make it into reality. Tapping that source and setting your dreams in motion will eventually escalate them into full materialization of your dreams in action. Every direction you’re taking in this life leads you into where you want to be. You are on a journey to get there and set your goals in that direction. The key word to keep in mind is just believe. Believe in your dreams. Believe in yourself. 

I’ve been constantly working to expand my creativity and ideas to realization. These are time sensitive projects that I am working on that involves writing, planning, designing, and working with highly professional creative individuals that expect results from my end and dedication to make my dream come alive. That it why I have been so busy lately, trying to meet deadlines, conference calls, and slow to put updates on my blogs.

Keeping busy trying to realize your dreams is always at pleasurable working experience. A Doctor cousin of mine who is a top surgeon in his field of expertise loves his job and he knows the best job to have is of course the one that you love to do everyday. Nothing is so much better when your job or career you have chosen to do never seems like work at all. That’s when you know, you’ve made it! You are in your element of proficiency and comfort zone. If music is your groove then compose it. If writing gets you off then write it. If you’re an artist then draw it. Be consistent and never give up on your dreams.

I’m still connected with the entertainment community and future projects are in the works (talking and planning) which gives me hope and an opportunity to dust off some old screenplays of mine that need to be reworked. Always keep an open mind, open heart, and an open hand to friends and past associates who may want to work with you again. Especially, when you’re surrounded by other people who are on track with the same creative destiny path that you are following, and they want your creativity input and collaboration.

Of late however, I’ve been tapping my creative skills to full potential on setting up a new business venture, perfecting my article writing content, and entering numerous writing contests, especially the poetry challenges. In the past I considered my poetry to be very private, but have learned to acknowledge and appreciate my own style of poetry, even the critiques and the praises of my work, have given me so much confidence to lend my voice to the poetry world, which I’m so proud to be part of.

Writing contest are good opportunities for poets and writers of fiction to challenge themselves. Some contest and awards are quite helpful for jump starting a writer’s career is showcasing their potential in that particular field. Gaining exposure and a possible book deal is always possible. There are numerous places to go on the Internet and my advice is to review and read about all of them before entering any contest. Most of them are legit, but you want to retain copyrights to your work above all else. 

I have several writing and non-writing projects going on that are really exciting at the moment. The whole creative process is more joy than work and I am indeed really blessed to see these great manifestations coming full circle. I could almost picture myself on some bright sunny beach almost lost on a tropical island. Clad in business attire still looking professional as I lay relaxing my feet in the cool aquamarine ocean. I begin to work on my imaginary sand-computer and begin to write my symphonies, articles, sages, and poetry with so much ease. Like I was working in Paradise all along and loving it!

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This is such a very great & very inspiring article! Thanks for great post & keep it up as always. You're great worked always inspired me & i know not only me, i believe everyone who read this inspired too, coz you're really such a great Poet & Writer! Have a nice day & may God bless us all. Take care always.