Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wonderful Feeling

Posted by T.S.Garp

When all is said and done, let go, its in God’s hands that make the plans.

Heaven knows how you feel

Just let his hands take the wheel

No time to decide

Let go and you will realize

Because this time is here to stay

Let go and make the day

Come out and learn to play

Never stop going that way

I can see you there

Laughing away without a care

Don't you feel like flying high!

Put aside your debilitating pride

Seize the day and play

Let go and feel that way

Take a walk into paradise

Let's talk under the orange twilight

You can make it if you try

Just close your eyes

Let the faith guide you to your surprise

Angels come alive, watch them sing, making your dreams rise

Heaven knows how you feel that day

Heaven cares for you in every way

Heaven makes it real for you

Lay down your hands and see the truth

Let go and feel the morning high

Play under God's watchful eyes

Just for a moment take a ride

Make that wonderful feeling come alive