Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rhythms of the Soul

Posted by T.S.Garp

When you spontaneously feel the rhythm in your soul come alive.

She ran out across the field

In the dim of dawn’s early light

Overtaken by the zeal

She was so excited, she was up all night

She kept running as far as she could go,

Trending swiftly through the green grass growing so low

she never wanted to get tired or slow,

Never looking back, a decision made long ago

Her heart felt heavy,

And she could feel the irresistible drumming sound coming over the crest

She took in a breath and was ready

He heart thumping there in her chest

She stopped there suddenly, amazed by it all

She never knew the love she felt could make her feel so proud

She shouted out allowed, her joy and candor

Hearing her ancient ancestors chanting rhythms of harmonious splendor

Giving the love back to her maker so willingly

Letting the universe, God, and stars enjoy this joyous epiphany

This land was free

This land is me