Thursday, July 8, 2010


Posted by T.S.Garp

When you find it hard to say the words of love that is in your heart. Let this poem be a good start to help compose them.

Let me make it better by saying with a start

Don’t be afraid of love that comes to you

When the message is so close to your heart

Just let that love come singing through


For you know it’s never over with love, remember to open that door

Take a look around and you will see your face is missing that love you found

You can begin to see how it turns the day and begins once more

You can have it all, just take that first step with one foot on the ground


Remember, you have already begun the hardest part with the heart

You can boldly do this journey with a confident start!

You have discovered your true love under the stars!

And love is waiting for you there so don’t let in despair


Hear the words of love spoken to you

You were made to hear these words too

This is for you and it’s so true

Hey, Dear. It’s you! I love you!