Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gently Weeping

Posted by T.S.Garp

A poem about hardship and despair that befalls everyone in time. And the hope that God is listening and cares.

Can you hear me, God of Son

Can you see me, oh mighty One

Hear the church bells ringing

Hear the crowds singing

Can’t you see the world is blue

Your children crying out and want to speak to you

Give us peace and joy with a wave of your hand

Give us a chance to spread love and forever bury the sins of Man in the sand

Can’t you see our tears

Desperate and full of fears

Oh, Lord. Beyond galaxy and time

Give us a divine message or sign

Send us hope without despair

Send us a miracle full of love and your undying care

Make right…..

Guide us into your spiritual light

Give us the power and the will

To help the poor and the ill

For rich men hearts and souls crumble

Wise men show mercy is king

Without love but money stumbles

The great Lord is humbled by this and sings