Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When love sees you

Posted by T.S.Garp

A poem about when true love sees you.

The day is bright and new

My feelings are so true

The way you look at me all the while

Your happy smile

The dear gift you bring

Your sweet eyes sing

With love so strong and right

Day and night

When you finally see me

Time stands still, lost in vertigo, spinning wheels, feeling dreamy

You say hello with words that know

Your face is divine reminding me of all the great times

That came before

With love so true every year as time goes past

I see you there

Sharing the dear memories of our lives and cry and laugh

Letting it grow

Seeing the future

with new eyes that grow old

When love sees you at last

Your must be able to ask

And pray……. Every time I see you there

Let the love rain over any despair

Sharing the world with you

Staying true

When love sees you

The whole world is like new

Skies are blue

Feelings are so true

Let love grab the proverbial light

Keep it safe and hold it tight

For true love is never a lie

Know in your heart that it will survive

To the end of time

When love sees you and makes your heart shine!