Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sweet Alicia’s Gift

Posted by T.S.Garp

A sonnet about falling in love and that first kiss.

Fashioned of beads around her neck

Twisted brown strands dangle down her thin shoulder.

Falling gracefully upon her breast.

Soft and delicate like no other, oh I wanted to hold her.

Bright, bold, glimmering, to my surprise.

The natural curvy of her smile.

The sun’s reflection bounces off those perfect eyes.

Holds everything but denial.

Surrounded by terra firma, picnic golden setting, a ponder look on her face.

Thoughts abound, gleefully she looks at me realizing what she had done.

I wonder heartlessly, what does she see in me that is so great.

Intuitively, gentle manner, her hand touched mine in playful fun.

In a voice so kind and sure, she whispers me a song.

From a splendor of glory she had sung.

An angel’s calling, a majestic tale, singing to me that I belong.

Showering me with love and dreams long gone.

We became sybaritic and closed our tired eyes to final rest.

The air filled with lilac fragrance, let loose by petal’s roam.

Emotions incomprehensible, sated, in this fine time, it’s hard to express.

Head swirled, dizziness, embrace, harmonic rapture, sending me home.