Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Encounter

Posted by T.S.Garp

Such beauty…..

Came to mind as the sailor’s eyes, met

Arionna Kives.

She stood by the dock, looking at the rush

of people, all leaving in their own private


The sailor, with courage he had grasp from

the sea. Introduced himself with some


Overwhelmed her of stories and legends,

ideas, and flights of fancy.

All of which he claims to have seen.

Enthralled as she was by his tales of

extravagant encounters. Arionna Kives

reasons were strictly one of pride.

To take up with such a fellow, whom to

her had the most handsome color eyes.

As the passage of time struck louder,

the years rolled by like dropping peddles

from a flower.

The man and woman despite temptations,

stayed true to their expectations.

The church bell ringed!

The cheering began as the two newlyweds

walked hand and hand.

This is the end of their tale. We should

think that it ended well.

A long life together from a lover’s spell.